"Chiang Rai Elephants" Project
"90 Elephants by 90 Chiang Rai Artists"

About Chiang Rai Elephants

Dr. Kobchai Jitsakula, President of the Alliance Française - Chiang Rai, and Chairman of the Greenwing Co., Ltd.
was inspired to organize the "Chiang Rai Elephants" project. To convey the beauty of art from many Chiang Rai
artists according to the imagination of each artist and according to the technique that they are good at. 
The purpose is to give tourists a chance to appreciate the beauty of elephants from the artist's hand painted 
on 90 fiberglass elephants with a height of 90 centimeters to promote that.
"Chiang Rai is the city of elephants and the city of artists"

The "Chiang Rai Elephants" is also a symbol and a reminder to youngsters that this land
was once fertile with many elephants.


โดย อ.ศรีวรรณ


                                      กิจกรรม ช้างเชียงราย



โครงการ "ช้างเชียงราย"

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Deliver "Chiang Rai Elephants" for Public Benefit

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